February 20, 2018 City of Shannon Hills Regular City Council Meeting

February 20, 2018 City of Shannon Hills Regular City Council Meeting

Old Business: Shamrock Park Update, State Street Aid Grant, New Sidewalk Grant, and  Property Acquisition Update. 

New Business: Resolution 2018-02, Festival Advertising Grant, Ordinance 2018-02, 2014 Arkansas Energy Code, Southwest Trail Connector,  Resolution 2018-03 Purchase Easements and Right-of-Way

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August 2017 City Council Meeting: Plans for the City's Records Building and Three Resolutions (VIDEO)

4:35 Mosquito Larvicide

: The City obtained some larvicide from the Arkansas Department of Health that is available for free to any resident with a verified need. If your interested contact City Hall at (501) 455-2003. Public works still looking into more

6:20 Shamrock Park Update

: The City is wrapping up the grant application package for phase 4 of development to Shamrock Park. The plan is to add bathrooms, water fountains, and other minor items.

7:00 Vimy Ridge Road / County Line Road (Resolution 2017-012)


Short presentation by Mayor Kemp, about the need for the resolution for as part of obtaining the grant. Resolution was read in entirety. No discussion from the City Council and the resolution was passed unanimously.

10:05 Floodplain/Floodway Grant Application (Resolution 2017-013)


This is the first time in many years that the City of Shannon Hills has been able to apply for this grant money, because Saline County did not have their County mitigation plan updated. Grant application would be for approximately $1,410,000 project, with the City paying 25% and the Federal Grant paying the other 75%. The planned project is to acquire up to 14 homes that are at the most risk of flooding that are adjacent to Otter Creek on Clayton Drive. Resolution was read in entirety. No discussion from the City Council and the resolution was passed unanimously.

13:25 Shannon Hills Fall Festival (Resolution 2017-014)


The City of Shannon Hills got a $400 grant from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to help pay for advertising of the fall festival this year. The City must pay 1/3 of the cost of advertising and the Grant will match the remaining 2/3. The resolution is to spend $3,000 for the festival with the non-advertising funds going to entertainment, portable bathrooms, and other costs. The festival is not planned to go into the evening this year in the hopes of saving some cost. Resolution was read in entirety. There was a short discussion about how much of the proposed $3,000 is reimbursable (just the $400 grant). The resolution was passed unanimously.

16:30 Discussion about Replacing Roof on City Building


The roof on the building is wavy and has has hail damage. The City insurance will pay for asphalt shingles and the decking only and requires estimates. Mayor Kemp is proposed replacing the asphalt roof with a metal roof and asked for $4,000 - $6,000 of additional funds beyond the insurance money for the upgrade the roof to be metal. Alderman Kandlbinder asked what plans there was for the use of the building. The building is used right now to store records.  Mayor Kemp indicated Healing Waters has some interest in using the building as a place to help people get back to work or the City could use it as a location for animal control. Mayor Kemp requested a vote on a not to exceed cost. However, Alderman Bennett requested that the City get quotes for the replacement work with the metal roof and that the City Council could then vote either next regular meeting or in a special meeting.  The City Council reviewed the current estimates for just the decking and asphalt, the estimate does not include the replacement of rafters (to remove the wave in the roof) or metal roof.  No vote was taken and the issue was tabled for next meeting.

28:10 Request for Funds for a Portable Storage Building to Store City Records


  The City records are currently kept in the building on High Road.  The Building is expected to be 12 foot by 30 foot and to cost less than $8,000.  Aldermen Blackwell asked if records were scanned if the hard copies have to be maintained.  Alderman Kandlbinder indicated that in his experience scanning records would cost less than $8,000.  The City Attorney offered to look into if original records have to be maintained.  Mayor Kemp suggested that the City could utilize the existing building fund to cover the cost of the portable storage building without the City Council authorize more.  It was decided to table the item until the City gets estimates on both the roof relacement for the building on High Street and the Portable Storage Building. The Mayor is likely going to call a special meeting in a couple of weeks to vote on the two items.

35:29 Legislative Audit Report


Talked about report again, to make sure the City meets it's legal obligation of discussion the report at the appropriate time.

36:35 Comments From the Floor


Short discussion about getting bids for the Fire Department to have a backup power generator.


Agenda and the Resolutions 2017-012, 2017-013, 2017-014:



Legislative Audit Report

July 2017 City Council Meeting: Purchase of 0.8 Acres and Vimy Ridge/County Line Stop Light Project #Video

2:55 Mosquito Spraying: The Director of Public Works, David Passmore, answered a question about how the spraying for Mosquitoes was going. Spraying has started, but to reduce cost the City is not monitoring mosquito populations, so the effectiveness of the program is unknown.

7:55 Shamrock Park Update: No real progress was made this month due to issues with the turnover of the project manager position at RedStone Construction Group.

8:45 Vimy Ridge Road / County Line Road Improvement Grant: Metroplan passed a resolution clearing the way for the Vimy Ridge and County Line intersection improvement project. The project is planned to cost the $340,000 and will include adding turn lanes, sidewalks, and stoplights. $275,000 will come from a federal grant, and construction is required to start next year. This is a long needed and anticipated improvement and I am looking forward to hearing soon about the next phase of planning.

10:00 Water Line Expansion/Connection Project Progress: There was discussion about the current status of the 9-in. water main work connecting the City's water tower networks.  If I understood correctly the line work up County Line Road will coincide with the safe schools sidewalk project, which is waiting on some legal issues securing the easement.

15:05 Resolution 2017-011: After it's initial reading the City Council passed the resolution unanimously without any comments or questions. A copy of the full resolution can be found at the bottom of this article and the full title of the resolution is:

A resolution by the City of Shannon Hills supporting federal and state legislation to ensure the proper assessment and collection of sales tax from all internet/online sales thereby creating a fair and free market for all businesses and consumers regardless of the location of the business from which the purchase was made.

18:15 RY 2016 Legislative Audit Report: The Legislative Audit report for the City of Shannon Hills went public this week and found that the City "offices were in substantial compliance with Arkansas financial and financial laws". This is no small achievement by the City, which has had a very storied history over the last two decades with its financial records[1][2][3]. The full audit report can be found at the bottom of this article.

20:17 Update on Annexation Law: Mayor Kemp mentioned a letter from Secretary of State Mark Martin about changes to annexation law.  There was no discussion or comments from the City Council on the item.

20:42 Approval of Purchase of 0.8 Acress: Mayor Kemp mentioned the potential to purchase two lots near the corner of Clayton and Beachwood for a price of $6,000 + closing cost. One lot is empty and the other has a 1977 mobile home[4] that has gone into disrepair.  The land is in a flood-way and as a result the current owner cannot build any new buildings on it. The County assessed value of the two parcels is $11,000 [5][6], but the County assessment only includes the value of the land and does not account for the cost to clean up the property.

This was the first time the potential to buy this land was brought before the City Council. Mayor Kemp stated the opportunity came up that day. The City does not have a specific plan for the use of the property.  However, Mayor Kemp did indicate that they intend to clean it up and long term use it in some way as part of the City's Parks.  After a short discussion about the properties location, history, and the City's plans for the property the City Council unanimously approved allowing allow Mayor Kemp to make get the documents in order to make the purchase.

Image from the Saline County EDGE GIS Map; accessed July 19, 2017. Red outline indicates the two lots to be purchased.

27:50 Preliminary Discussion About Use of 40 acres of Land the City of Shannon Hills Owns in Little Rock: Mayor Kemp has approached the Highway Department about the the viability of using 40 acres owned by the City as a retention basin. With the hope that  the retention basin would elevate some of the flooding issues on I-30 and the floodwater that backups Otter Creek into Shannon Hills. The land is not in a floodplain and based on value of similar undeveloped land the 40 acres are worth between $400,000 - $600,000.

At first glance it seems odd that the City owns 40 acres of land in Little Rock, but the City made the purchased back in the 1980s with the intent to build a wastewater treatment plant on the land.  I don't have the full history or details, but when the City was planning to build the current wastewater treatment plant they purchased new land to the South of the City rather than using the property they owned in Little Rock.



Meeting Minutes

Resolution 2017-011

RY 2016 Legislative Audit Report

December 2002 City Council Meeting: City Finance and Circuit Court Clerk Resigning #Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays is a series I am starting with the long term goal to help the public to be informed by getting all the City Council meeting notes online and accessible for easy searching and reference by topic (see Topic Menu on the Right).  The date at top of the Throwback Thursday posts will be the date of the original meetings to help in locating of historical documents.

December 2002 was a very eventful City Council meeting and an interesting read.  There was a heated debate about the City's financial records, the Circuit Court Clerk resigning, the powers of the Mayor expanded to name a few.

Shannon Hills City Council Meeting, December 10, 2002

Call Meeting to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Aldermen Skipper, Kemp, Dinsmore, Linkous, and Wilson, Mayor Davis and Treasurer/Recorder Romine - Present. Alderman Bryan Stanley - Absent.l

Minutes of Previous Meeting

 I’ll entertain a motion on that (Davis). Kemp, First off I went over the minutes of the last meeting and something was left out. I was reading what I was just handed out.and here are some extra copies if anyone wants one. The information below was left out of the draft of the November 2002 minutes but submitted 10-12-2002 for inclusion prior to adoption and approval. “Multiple members of the city council discussed the need for additional modified financial reporting by the City Treasurer. Alderman Mike Kemp specifically requested a very high level summary that includes the balance and balance date for all City accounts. He emphasized that all means all without exception. Alderman Kemp explained that the information is needed not only for City Council use but also for posting on the City website so that all Shannon Hills taxpayers have information about their city’s finances. The City Recorder/Treasurer said that would not be a problem. With that added I have no objections to the minutes.”

Mayor Davis entertained a motion to accept the minutes with the addition that Alderman Kemp has presented. So moved by Alderman Wilson, second by Alderman Kemp, and unanimously passed by an “aye” vote.

Financial Report 

Presented by Recorder/Treasurer Romine. “General fund --- now the balances that I give you coinside with the bank statements that I give you from the previous month and that is the proper way thatI am to give you this. Anyway, the cash in the general fund was $8,314.07, and the street fund is

$9,715.43 and the general fund savings was $47,017.92 and then the Stephens

$44,390.26. I do not have information on the other accounts other than what I

give you because Lucky has been out and I don’t even know if the bank

statements have come in or not. (Mayor Davis explained that Lucky had a death in the family and had been out since yesterday. “We received, I don’t even know if Fran even knows this or not, but we received about $7,400 and some dollars today, direct deposit.”

Alderman Kemp: “So, we know that we don’t have the high level summary for the account balances and the balance dates.” Mr. Wilson, “That $7400, is that for the general fund.” Mrs. Romine responded “No.” The Mayor then said, “Oh, is that street money because I thought that was general funds I just looked at it.”

Mrs. Romine, “No that’s highway fund - the general fund got $2,908.69 and the street department got $7,439.54. (Mrs. Romine prepared to pass out a paper to the Council)

I didn’t have time to copy these (Mr. Wilson interrupted with a question about what was the source of that money, that we need to be specific, state, county.) She explained that it is turnback money from the state. She then continued with the figures of what is in the bank as of December 10. (See attached financial report.)

Discussion about what is in the bank, expenses still to pay, ensued. Alderman Kemp asked Mrs. Romine when she thought she could get the high level summary and account balances and balance dates for us. She responded, “As soon as Lucky gets back, unless ---( Mayor said Lucky would be back Thursday)- so, Friday. I mean that’s the best I can do. So, I mean I don’t even know if her accounts have come in yet.”

Kemp said, “So, we should be able to get something, I mean I can go get my account balance-and --.” Romine responded, “ I can pull it off the computer tonight.”

Kemp “I just need it in a form that we can get it on the Web site. I can’t give them this.”

Romine, “Yes, I understand. But like I said, you gave me that little thing and I haven’t, well I don’t have the information on ,from Lucky’s ---because what it says on the bankk statement is not necesarily what is in there because she ‘s paid bills and who knows what’s come in or not”

Kemp, “She’s been gone since ---.”

Fran: “Monday, Tues---, uh yesterday.” Discussion between Kemp and Romine established that bills had been last paid a week ago, the end of the month.

Kemp: “If you’d make sure that that is noted in the minutes I would appreciate it” Department Head Reports Mel Aldridge explained the budget process for his Department. He gave the

Council members a printout of figures which is attached. The Fire Department never bases their projected budget on any grants they may receive. He also turned in his job description. Discussed input for the Website.

Jim Ort. Will get job description later. He does everything. Will get budget information to the Council later.

John Brown: Gave arrests report. Outline of job description provided. He will be glad to discuss any items with them.

Court Clerk Report 

Read a letter of resignation (copy attached) with a 60-day notice. Alderman Kemp moved to table any acton on Ms Brown’s letter of resignation, seconded by Alderman Dinsmore, and passed with a unanimous aye vote.

New Business

Denesa Pennington and Tim Lemons with the Arkansas Community of Excellence (ACE) Program. 

Ms. Pennington, Community Development Consultant with the Arkansas Department of Economic Development, discussed the program. She presented a synopsis of the process the community can be involved in to be an ACE and explained the benefits.

First step to be involved is a Letter of Commitment from the Mayor, develop a task force (volunteers who are willing to put this information together, takes about a year and a half to get the strategic plan

Alderman Kemp said we should talk to Hamburg or someone else who has used this program. Someone from Cabot said they want to stay a bedroom community but can use this program. Ms. Pennington said not to waste her time or the Community’s time if we do not intend to pursue this project diligently. Process - because it does not end and dedication - are you willing to put in the effort for

your children’s or grandchildren’s future. This involves zoning and planning and will take a 110 percent effort on the part of the city.

B. J. Warrick: Little Rock Board of Directors, Department of Information Systems. 

Discussed communications facilities for the State and their serving our

communications needs. Alderman Kemp moved that the Mayor or Treasurer give Ms. Warrick any information she needs to do a cost comparison and go on from there; seconded by Alderman Dinsmore, and unanimously passed by aye vote. She stated that the Police Department already has an excellent deal, to keep that.

Cleaning Out of Secondary Ditch on Joan

 Mr. Ken Custer complained to Alderman Wilson who reported issue to Mayor Davis. Mr. Custer explained the problem to the Council. Discussion of how to solve the problem. Mr. Kemp moved Mr. Custer and his neighbor sign hold harmless agreements and City will do necessary repair work, Alderman Dinsmore seconded the motion and the council voted aye unanimously to pass this motion. Mr. Custer also asked that about the AP&L right-of-way, the problem of speeding on Joan Drive due to danger to children. Police Chief Brown said he would put a procedure in process to handle the speeding problem.

Job Description of Department Heads and Elected Officials - Alderman Wilson explained the purpose of this item and says they will continue to work on this.

Alderman Kemp stated “Along those lines, it presently appears to me that the City of Shannon Hills is at significant risk because of the lack of business continuity.planning. And in an effort to begin the initial steps of preparing for situations that we all hope will never happen I respectfully move that the City Council direct the City Recorder Treasurer to immediately:

  1. Prepare a list of all pertinent information regarding all city accounts, without exception; such as account title, account type, type of revenue deposited into the account, account numbers, authorized signatures, locations, dates established, plus any other pertinent information.
  2. Prepare a list of all, without exception, any current city obligations such as but not limited to payroll, LAFEE, financing city vehicles, etc.
  3. Prepare a list of all, without exception, nonrecurring but sometimes utilized charge accounts, credit cards, other services sometimes requiring city obligations.
  4. Prepare a list of City accounts and/or obligations not covered under items 1 - 4 above.
  5.  Prepare a list of all duties without exception the City Recorder/Treasurer considers her responsibility.
  6. Deliver copies of the above described lists to all City Council members and the Mayor no later than December 17, 2002.

Additionally, the City Recorder should develop a City Business Development Continuity Plan to be approved, authorized by the City Council and provided to the Mayor. First draft of plan should be presented to the City Council at the Group’s January 2003 meeting. And again, that is in the form of a motion.

Mayor asked if there was anuy discussion of this item.

Alderman Kemp: Again, the idea of this is just that if, Heaven forbid, something should happen to Fran we don’t have all this information gathered in one place so we could take care of taxpayer’s business. And that is our ultimate responsibility, taking care of the taxpayer's assets and taking care of the taxpayer's business.

Alderman Kemp said that if something happened to Fran we would have no idea of where this information is and we would be “Dead in the water.” Alderman Skipper responded that she had made it her business to know this information by going in and looking at her papers. Alderman Kemp: This is just prudent planning.” Recorder/Treasurer Romin responded.”Let me just say this, there are four people who are on the check signing , they all have the same information that I do, they can get it any time they want to , I don’t have a problem with giving any of this except that I think that it is something that you should already know by looking at your statement that you get every month from me.”

Alderman Kemp responded. I could go through two or three hundred pages of information I am sure and find it but it is something you know exactly where it is and your word processor could easily put it into one piece of paper. LENGTHY DISCUSSION HERE AMONG CITY COUNCIL AND RECORDER AND HOW TO DO THIS AND WHY AMD WHETHER IT IS NECESSARY.

Discussion about whether or not it was possible to get this information and how much time it would take and if it is necessary. Mrs. Romine said she would get the information they have requested as she understood the request. Motion amended report at the regular January meeting the second Tuesday in January. Seconded by Dinsmore,  Unanimously approved by aye vote.



Mayor Davis stated that since Mr. Lofton and Mr. Fuel were not available we would skip to section B on this item, laying 7,000 feet of water line on Alexander Mountain. After a lengthy discussion on this subject it was decided that a Special Meeting with the developers will be set up. The water tank issue was discussed. (TAPE ONE ENDS HERE)

(TAPE 2 BEGINS HERE - IN DISCUSSION ABOUT CENTRAL ARKANSAS WATER in connection with the Alexander Mountain issue) Senator Cassidy has stated to Mayor Davis that he would happily pay a one-time fee of $25,000 to get pipes laid to get water to his property. One of the aldermen asked if it would be possible to get a map to show exactly what area we are looking to annex and was told an engineer is working on this. Mel Aldridge asked about fire hydrants. Mayor Davis will contact Mr. Loftus and Mr. Rodgers to see when they want to

discuss the above issues.


Mayor Davis wanted to issue two resolutions of appreciation to members of the council from the past term. After discussion it was decided no action would be

taken on this issue.

7. - Dropped from Agenda

8. - Repeal of Ordinance 2000-07, an ordinance limiting the powers of the Mayor. The City Attorney read the Ordinance. 

A motion from Alderman Kemp, seconded by Alderman Wilson to repeal Ordinance 2000-07 which will automatically reinstate Ordinance 1995-04 was passed with the following vote:











Alderman Kemp moved to suspend the rules and induce the emergency clause, seconded by Wilson, and passed by unanimous aye vote.

Motion to suspend the rules and read the ordinance for second reading made by Alderman Kemp, seconded by Wilson, and passed by unanimous aye vote.

Motion to suspend the rules and read the ordinance for third reading made by Alderman Kemp, seconded by Wilson, and passed by unanimous aye vote.

9. Process of Getting All Shannon Hills Students to attend Saline County School was discussed.

Although Alderman Kemp passed a motion to support this process and Alderman Linkous seconded the motion, no action was taken. Council generally in favor of this activity.

10. Change in check signing authority will be taken at the first of 2003.

11. Access Arkansas  

Discussion of bill received from them was discussed. Alderman Kemp said he would look into this.

12. Officer Petty led a discussion about the need to do something with the dog problem. 

The problem has been getting better but in the past few months has escalated again.

13. Chief Brown discussed the status of crime in the City. 

He also expressed his appreciation to the Council for the cooperation they have given. All officers now have vests.

14. Discussion of Simple Pleasures Food Bank.

15. Motion to adjourn 

Made by Alderman Wilson, seconded buy Alderman Kemp, and unanimously passed by aye vote.


  • Shannon Hills City Council Meeting December 10, 2002 (link).